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    ring neclace earing keychain
    تصنيع جميع الأسماء،اساور،عقد،حلق،خواتم،برتكليه
    عربي وانكليزي
    مطلي دهب /أو مطلي روديوم -فضي

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    Beard Essential Oil Beard Growth

    زيت غني بعناصر تغذية طبيعية متعددة تخترق جذور بصيلات الشعر وتعمل على اصلاح وتنشيط بصيلات الشعر الخاملة,وتزيد من امتصاص التغذية واسراع النمو

    شعر اللحية,الابط,الصدر,وكافة انحاء الجسم

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    Beard Straightener Brush

    Model : fb161


    Power: 10W

    1. Turn on the power
    2. Preheat for about 15 seconds and install the comb
    3. Check if the comb is tight before use.
    4. Make sure to dry the beard when using after the shower. This will prevent electrocution.
    5. You can go near to the roots of the hair because it has an anti-scald feature to protect the skin from burns.
    6. Ensure that the device is unplugged after every use


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    Bluetooth Smart Watch Phone & Camera Support SIM Card For Android/iOS
    1. 100% brand new and high quality.
    2. Monitoring activity: records at any time the number of steps you walk, jog distance and calorie intake.
    3. Monitoring the quality of sleep:
    a. According to your quality of sleep, calculate the depth and length of shallow sleep, then you have targeted to improve their living habits.
    b. 8 silent alarm groups to wake you up without disturbing the family.
    4. Support USB and PC side data synchronization:
    a. automatic standard USB, can be charged directly with computers, mobile power, easy to quickly add capacity.
    b. Can synchronize data and PC. Support for Windows XP, for Vista, for Win7, for Win8 system (Part the official sub-version of the Windows system will be compatibility issues).
    5. Ultra-light.
    6. Suitable for Apple phone and Android phone.

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    Clever Key Can store 2 – 12 keys

    Easy Assembly! Made from aircraft grade aluminum

    Compact in size

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    لبمة الليد مع حزام لتتمكن من وضعه على الرأس اثناء العمل

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    Gemei 2 in1 GM-3110 Rechargeable Nose And Hair Trimmer

    • Battery fully recharges in 8 hours

    • Intelligent Anti clipping system

    • Smart design to not hurt while trimming

    • Improved elite back

    • High rotations

    • Using scissors to cut the ear and nose hair is pretty old fashioned, it could be harmful and we may end up hurting ourselves

    • Is a design perfection crafted for modern methods

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    Made from high-quality alloy steel, durable, practical and long service life.
    Easily switch between drill and drive bits in seconds, never change a bit in the middle of a job again.
    Select two different size bits, drill your pilot hole, flip the pivot arm, then drive in any screw, nut, or fastener.
    Comes with 8 Phillips bits, 8 slot bits and 2 countersink bits which can meet your basic needs.
    Well packed and assorted in a plastic box for convenient access and storage.
    Phillips Bits: (2 of each) PH0, PH1, PH2, PH3

    Flathead Bits: (2 of each) 1/8″/3.2mm, 5/32″/4mm, 3/16″/4.8mm, 1/4″/6.3mm

    Countersink Bits: 3/32″/2.4mm, 1/8″/3.2mm

    Box Size: 19.4 x 7.4cm / 7.63 x 2.91″

    Weight: 462g(approx.)

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    Infrared Intelligent Snore Stopper Wristband Watch Anti Snoring Bio-feedback

    1. Reducing the frequency and the intensity of snoring.
    2. Greatly raise the sufferer’s sleep’s quality (The efficiency is above 90%).
    3. Auto power-off after 8 hours, it works automatic and easy to operate.
    4. The product can raise the tension of respiration organ to reduce the occurrence of breath temporary disease.
    5. The appearance designed as wrist watch is portable and suitable for use in anywhere and anytime.

    Item Type: Anti Snore Wrist Watch
    Color: Navy
    Size: Approx.5.8 x 4 x 1.3cm / 2.3 x 1.6 x 0.5inch
    Wristband Total Length: 27 x 2.5cm / 10.6 x 1.0inch
    Power supply: 1 * 1.5V AAA battery (Not included)
    Net Weight: Approx.22.5g
    Weight: Approx.195g

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    Keychain JEEB WITH NAME
    ACCESSORIES Keychain
    braclet ring neclace earing keychain
    تصنيع جميع الأسماء،اساور،عقد،حلق،خواتم،برتكليه
    عربي وانكليزي
    مطلي دهب /أو مطلي روديوم -فضي

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    ring necklace earing keychain
    تصنيع جميع الأسماء،اساور،عقد،حلق،خواتم،برتكليه
    عربي وانكليزي
    مطلي دهب /أو مطلي روديوم -فضي