Charger Adapter

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    input:DC 12-24 V
    OUTPUT:DC 5V=3.1A

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    4 USB Hexagon Socket
    4 sockets, 4 USB ports
    Safe and convenient for the whole family
    Product Type: Electrical accessory
    Rated Current: 10A
    Rated Voltage: 250V
    Rated Power: 2500W
    USB Port: Type-A USB
    No. of Sockets: 4
    No. of USB Ports: 4
    Plug Type: 2-pin, circular (10/16A 250V)
    Base Dimensions:
    Length: 130mm
    Width: 130mm
    Height: 30mm

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    Allison 3-in-1 Bluetooth & Car Charger MP3 FM Modulator 1200mA







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    BPR 6 Spy SUPER MINI DV Camera Pen Recorder
    Video, Audio, Camera, UDisk, Gift, Writing Pen
    * All in one — Mini DV (video recording), DC (photo-taking), USB Drive on an elegant Ballpoint Writing Pen
    * User friendly One button operation with LED indicator
    * Real time video and audio recording with date and time stamp
    * Built-in high capacity rechargeable Lithium battery
    * Playback on PC by Windows Media Player

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    CarG7 Wireless Car Charger
    FM Transmitter can transmit music to car Stereo System from cellphone,TF Card and MP3.
    Built-in mp3/wma decoder chip make it capable of playing the music files in u disk.
    Ipad/cellphone can charge via USB.
    Hands-free calls via bluetooth connection
    High quality and Considerate design for installation.

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    Car Jump Starter,68800 mAh 600A Peak Current Auto Battery Booster Portable Battery Pack Power Bank for Cell Phones Laptop with LED SOS Light Compass
    Battery Capacity: 68800mAh
    Autual Capacity: 18000mAh
    LED Lighting Light with 4 Alarm Lights, Voltage Output Indicator and Battery Indicator
    Electrical quantity indicator light
    Key switch, master switch
    Security emergency hammer
    Cutting knife belt Emergency
    12 V / 16 V / 19 V output voltage LEDs
    12 V / 16 V / 19 V — 2A / 3A / 3.5A output
    Four USB output: 5 V / 2A
    Input charge: 12V-1A
    Starting current:300A
    Peak current: 600A
    Battery life: 3000 circles
    Use temperature: 20-60 degree
    Battery size: 18 x 8 x 3.5 cm
    Battery Weight: 470g

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    High quality wireless charging pad for your mobile phone. Wireless Charger allows you to charge your phone without plugging the cable. Easy to use, simply drop phone on our ZINTEQ® Fantasy Wireless Charging Pad to start charging right away. Adopt Qi wireless charging standard, all QI standard electronic products can be used to charge with this transmitter.


    Wireless Charger allows you to charge your phone without plugging the cable, causing no wear on your charging port
    Easy to use, simply drop phone to start charging
    Adopt Qi wireless charging standard, all QI standard electronic products can be used to charge with this transmitter
    INPUT: 5V / 2 A
    OUTPUT: 5V / 1 A

    Samsung S6, Samsung S6 & S6 Edge Plus, Samsung S7 & S7 Edge, Samsung Note 5, LG Nexus Series, and other QI capable devices.

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    Gold Plated HDMI Cable 3m

    • HDMI  Male to Male connection
    • Gold plated HDMI connectors
    • Premium quality HDMI-HDMI cable suitable for use in HDTV, Home Theater, and business class
    • Provides highest level of signal quality
    • HDMI resolution up to  1080P
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    Green Laser Pointer Adjustable Focal Length and Star Pattern Rechargeable
    Brand New Green Laser
    True 200mw Output
    Specail feature : the green laser spot size is adjustable, the range is from 0 to 60mm
    Keylock switch to prevent mis-use by other people
    It can be operated by One CR123A battery or One 18650 battery
    Great for pointing objects from long distance, such as stars
    Extremely Visible green light beam in the dark
    Range in excess of 6,000 ft
    Power saving, compact and reliable
    Cuts thin plastic (tested with thin plastic bags)

    Max Output: <= 200mW
    Wave Length: 532nm
    Output wave: Continuous wave
    Power by 1x 18650 Battery
    Length: 5.77 ”
    Diameter: 0.9 ”
    Weight: 3.5 oz

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    HWC1 Wireless Car Charger

    • Phone Holder Fast Charging max 10W
    • For All Mobiles
    • Input: 5V/2A: 9V/1,8A.-Output power: 5W/7,5W.
    • -Charging distance: 8mm.
    • -Charging efficiency: >75%.
    • -USB cable length: 90cm.
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    International Plug Adapter WIith 2 USB Port World Travel AC Power Charger Adaptor AU US UK EU Plug
    1, this product is easy to carry, it is refined and safe. Anywhere in the world can very easily to connect to your product.
    2,can be used in more than 150 countries : Asia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Indonesia, Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East and so on.
    3,the product does not apply regions: some areas of africa.
    4,appliances: hair dryer, shaver, personal digital assistants (PDA), notebook computers, optical drives, chargers, digital cameras, digital photo frame, USB speakers.

    Product Type: SWA2
    Type: Travel Charger and Universal Travel Adaptor
    Rated voltage: 110-250 (V)
    Housing Material: PC
    Conductor material: phosphor bronze
    Current Rating: 6 (A)
    Payload: 1100W
    AC outlet section: 6A 110V-250VAC
    USB section: With two USB charging port to meet the basic requirements of life, reach 1000MA charging more quickly, and secondly, with IC overcharge protection device will not demage the battery.
    Suitable for Apple mobile phone and other brand mobile phone, MP4, cameras and other digital products
    Dual USB specific parameters: when use one USB it is 1000MA 5.25V DC,together use 2 side can reach 500MA 5.25V DC
    Note: If your phone charging current is 1000mA, pls just use one USB ,if you use 2 USB together ,it may not charging successful.

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    Laser Green Pointer Pen Star Cap High Power 6 in1 5mw Powerful
    Laser Color: Green

    Output mode:Constant Wave

    Power supply:AAA Batteries x2 (battery not included)


    Technical Parameter:Fixed focus, dot facula, continuous output

    Green laser Output Wavelength: 532 nm

    Output Power:5mw

    Working Voltage:DC=3.0V

    Trigger Voltage:DC=2.8V