Portable Black and white Mini USB Tower Fan

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Portable Mini USB Leafless Tower Fan Ultra-quiet Strong Wind 2 Speed Desk Cooling Fan Purifier for Home Computer Office

1. Simple but creatives design of tower and 2 colors are provided.
2. Device in the narrow space of superior space use.
3. Adjustable high and low speeds of wind are provided for you to choose.
4. It is portable and very convenient to move it to any places.
5. It is a sweet and warm cooling tower stand fan.
6. With a large fan spacious space can send the cool wind.
7. With dense safety net and fan does not leak, so it is very safe.
8. You can connect USB port on PC, laptop, notebook or host of desktop computer and so on.
9. It can be used in AC power supply.
10. A piece of base plate are provided to keep the fan body more balanced and when you use the fan you’d better stick the base plate to the bottom of the fan.

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