Neon Glow LED Light up BaseBall Hat

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Neon Glow LED Light up BaseBall Hat
Our Neon Glow Illuminating hats use space age fiber optic neon technology to produce a futuristic glow you can wear! The brim of the hat is discreetly fitted with a clear fiber optic wire; when lit super bright neon color light projects and travels threw the wire for a cool neon effect. The intense glow of the is even visible in full day light but is most impressive in the dark! A small control located on the inside of the hat stays in place and is comfortable when you are wearing the hat! This hat come complete with 3 unique light show modes including: Steady On, Blink & Strobe! This is the perfect accessories for Ravers and club goers as well as anybody who wants to stand out of the crowd! Bring it to sporting events, concerts and parties and who knows maybe you will end up on the stadium big screen!

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