Car Organizer Back Seat Storage

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Car Organizer Back Seat Storage

Waterproof material

DELUX CAR SEAT ORGANIZER KEEPS YOUR CAR INTERIOR ORGANISED! STORES – PENS – MAPS – BOTTLES – MAGAZINES – RECEIPTS – UMBRELLA – BABY ITEMS – TOOLS THE LIST IS ENDLESS! No more Clutter, no more mess Is your glove box bursting full ? Do you still stuff receipts in your side car pockets? Have you got a baby and are always looking for a place to keep babys things? Present a professional organised image even if you dont fill it up – it shows you PLEASE NOTE: THE PICTURE SHOWS A BLACK ONE BUT WE MAY SEND A GREY ONE OR A BLACK ONE AS THERE ARE TWO COLOURS IN THE BOX like being organized and everything to be in order! An amazingly simple but very useful product well worth its price! Very Simple and Easy to fit in Seconds!! Simply attached to the headrest on the front seat/s with straps (provided) Why not get two for your car or buy some for your friends


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